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Early photo of Barnet Fair in 1978
Right to left: Guido, Trevor Jones, Keith Goodes, Graham Marcus,
Campbell Armer and Paul Sothern.
Guido at a Barnet Fair gig around 1980
Barnet Fair in 1985.
From left to right: Tony Kendall (Bass), William Hayter (Drums),
Paul Sothern (Melodeon), Nicole Mintz (Clarinet),
Graham Avery (Caller) and Guido.

Shave The Monkey in 1989.
This the first photograph taken of Shave The Monkey.
From left to right: Carolyn Sheppard, Duncan Moss, Guido and
Bryan Causton.

Albion Morris in Ostende in 2000.
left to right Back Row: Paul Draper. John Watcham
Tom Leary, Ian Cutler, John Davie
Middle row: Guido, Don Fortune, Martin Long
Dots Daultry.
Front Row: Adrian Turnham


Shave The Monkey in 2001.
This the last gig Steve Collins played.
From left to right: Guido Rincon, Steve Collins, Carolyn Sheppard,
Duncan Moss, Fran Brody and Bryan Causton.


Slaughterhouse in 2002.
Ian Cutler and Guido at the Brook Theatre in Chatham


Albion Morris Men at Dranouter 2006.
From left to right: Jon Davie (bass), Guido (electric guitar),
Ian Cutler (violin), Kevin Neaves (drums), John Watcham (concertina),
Tom Leary (Violin), Nicole Rincon (clarinet).
Dancers left to right: Steve Watts, Adrian Turnham and Martin Long.


I listen to all kinds of music. My favorite folk/folk-rock artists are too numerous to mention them all but some of the most influential are:

Fairport Convention - One of my all time favourite bands and a nice bunch of guys. Simon Nicol, a much under rated guitarist, has probably influenced my playing more than any other.

Steeleye Span  - another of my all time favourite bands and have left a lasting impression. My very first live concert was the "Chrystal Palace Garden Party" in 1975 with Steeleye Span, Cockney Rebel, Billy Cobham, John Cale and the Jack Bruce Band. It was a great day but without doubt Steeleye stole the show. When ever I see them I always wish I was up there playing with them.

Gryphon - I was first introduced to Gryphon while still at school, I was always impressed with the musicianship and originality. I am so chuffed that in recent years they have reformed and  I make point of going to as many of their concerts as I possibly can. 

The Albion Band, - especially the albums "Prospect Before Us" and "Rise Up Like The Sun" but over the years I've liked most of Ashley Hutchins' projects.

Pywackett, - Bill Martin's keyboard playing was the reason I took up keyboard playing. I only wish I had a afraction of his skill and ability. The sooner their entire back catalogue is available on CD the better.

Home Service, - For me this is a band that could do no wrong. I love everything they ever recorded. Another band  that has reformed and I make a point of seeing live whenever they  tour.

In more recent years I've been listening to and very influenced by folk music from all over Europe.  Especially from France such as Tri Yann, Alan Stivell, Dan Ar Braz, Denez Prigent and Sonerion Du. From Belgium bands like Kadril, Anveld, Urban Trad and Embrun. From Spain, the celtic music from the North bands like Luar Na Lubre, Hevia, Carlos Núñez, Jose Ángel Hevia and Burregetto and from the south Rocio Márquez, Chambao, Paco de Lucia, Paco Peña to name but few.

I do listen to all kinds of music and have always been very keen on prog rock too. Some of the many bands I enjoy are:
Big Big Train, Kompeniumm, Spok's Beard, are Bare Naked Ladies, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Mostly Autumn, Jethro Tull, Yes, and REM.

Some of the classical and early music I enjoy includes:
Concierto De Aranjuez by Joaquin Rodrigo; so typically Spanish, La Mamma Morta from the Opera Andrea Chénier by Umberto Giordano and sung by Maria Callas, Elgar's Cello Concerto especially the performance by Jacqueline Du Pre, Paco Peña's Misa Flamenca,
Bizet's Carmen and Samuel Barber Adagio for Strings.

Anyway, that's enough about me. Tell me about you.

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